Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Gospel, Acording to a Sports Guy: Intro

So as you all should know I love Sports. NFL, College, NHL, MLB, NBA, Soccer, you name it I probably follow it. They are my passion. That has probably been the hardest part about being on a mission is not being able to follow sports like I used to. So therefore I am going to write about what I love and apply it into our lives today. It will be a series of blogs. I have no idea how many parts there will be but ill go until i run out of ideas. I will relate Sports to the gospel of Jesus Christ and give short uplifting inspirational stories from different athletes.

Here is a brief summary about the different sports I follow closely why I like them and so on..

Football: My favorite. I love football the game the people the athletes just everything about it. I love being in a packed house filled with 60,000 plus fans all screaming and cheering on there team. Nothing much beats it hands down. My favorite team for professional football would be the Arizona Cardinals on a college level it would be the Arizona State Sun Devils.

Hockey: Lately I have grown a love for hockey. I dont know what sparked this but it is an amazing sport. It is very fast pace, and someone is always looking to knock somebody's head off. My favorite team is the Phoenix Coyotes.

Baseball: Americas Pastime! I love baseball. I will be the first to admit its not really a very "exciting" of a sport but nothing really compares to grabbing a hot dog, a drink, and a bag of sunflower seads then going and watching a game. It is very chill and very fun. Favorite team: Arizona Diamondbacks

Basketball: very high scoring. Fast, up the court as fast as they go down the court. if they work as a team it can be very exciting to watch.  Favorite team: Phoenix Suns.

Soccer: The worlds sport! I love World Cup time. It is a very exciting time to have nation against nation! nothing brings the world together like this sport. Wars stop to watch. Cool huh? favorite team: United States National Team.

Any ideas or inspritinal stories for this Blog? send me an email at or add me on facebook! (also there is a link to my facebook in the top left corner of the blog)

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