Friday, February 25, 2011

The Gospel, According to a Sports Guy: Part 3

Football is not a contact sport. It is a collision sport! I love football. It is by far my favorite sport to watch. The big hits, the wonderful runs, the precision passes, a stadium filled with 70000 fans screaming their head off! It is awesome! Who couldn't like football? Anyways to my point in order to play football you got to be smart. Yes football players are not just big dumb jocks. Id be willing to say that football is one of the most complex sports. You got to make sure your in the right place at the right time because if not, the offense is going to hit you for a big gain. Or on the reverse side the Defense will hit you for a loss and the next thing you know its 3rd and 15 and your in a bad situation. So you got to be smart to play football and you got to be tough. You got to hit harder then they hit. so what does this mean?

Well lets relate this to us. We are the defense the adversary, (the devil,) is the offense. He can not "gain yards" on us unless we let him. This means what? We got to number one be smart and the second thing is we got to be tough. We got to be smart by not getting "caught out of position." we do this by not letting ourselves be put in positions where we can choose wrong. If we put our self in a position where we can do wrong its like being caught out of position on the Football field. which means the next thing you know the ball is on the other side of the field then you and you are way out of position and you get hit for a big gain. Its like saying this in our lives. "I can go hang out with those people, I just wont do what they are doing." Over time (like football) you get worn out and then boom there is the big play you where scared of. You end up doing things that there doing. I have seen multiple examples of this (including myself.) I have been caught on the wrong side of the field many times. Do not let this happen to you.

So now you have been hit for a big play. you have caught yourself falling into temptation. Now comes the being tough part. They have one yard to go before they score. You know that they are going to run the ball up the middle. This is where you got to be tough, you got to hit instead of them hitting you. This is really what shows who is tougher. You know where the ball is going but can you stop them? This is like sin in our lives. we know we are doing whats wrong but can we stop? Are we going to put forth the effort to stop doing whats wrong and began to do whats right? This is where we got to be tough.

Its a good thing that we got help from the best middle linebacker in the game (no im not talking about Ray Lewis.) We have Jesus Christ to issue the blow. He is more then willing to come in the game. we just got to let him.

I testify that Jesus is the Christ. He suffered and died for us so we can return to live with God. He knows what we are going through we just got to let him in our lives. He has stuck out his hand to help us up off the "field," to brush us off, then join us in the fight. I testify that he has restored his true church back to the earth. I testify that the Book of Mormon is true and that it came forth the way Joseph Smith said it came forth. I testify that the head of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints is Jesus Christ. This is the only church that holds the power of god on this our earth. I know that to be true. You can to.

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