Thursday, January 27, 2011

May we always remember the good God has done to us!

May we always remember how god has touched our lifes. he give us so many blessings. I want you all who are reading this to stop and ponder what god has done for you...

I am going to share a couple ways how god has blessed my life:

He has blessed me with two of the best parents i could ask for. They love and support me in all that i do.
He has blessed me with this opertinuty to serve a full time mission.
He has blessed me with this wonderful country that we live in.
He has watched over and protected me thoughout my life.
He has blessed me with wonderful friends and family back at home who support what i am doing out here.
He has blessed me with a healthy mind. I am able to learn without to much difficulty.
He has blessed me with a body that is in pretty good working order.
He has blessed me by sending his son Jesus christ so i can have someone to lean on.

May we all remember how the good Lord has touched our lifes. My challenge to everyone who reads this is to just take a couple moments out of your day to ponder the question "Have i seen the hand of god reaching out to touch us?" If we do this i can promice you that you will be able to reconize that god does truly love and care for us. That he touches our lifes each and every day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

first post!

well... hello everyone! I am kind of new to the blog world but i am still excited to do this! I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I am hoping by doing this blog it will help you all become closer to Jesus Christ. I will post different videos/stories about Jesus Christ and the importence of him.

I would just like to bear a simple witness that Jesus is the Christ. that he is the literal son of our literal father in heaven that we gain salvation and exhalation by him and threw him only. I would also like to bear witness that he has once again restored his true gospel to the earth. and would invite you all to contact me threw facebook or however you can if you have questions about him or about his gospel. I love my savior and that is why i went "From Phoeniox to Montana" so i can bear witness that he is the Christ.

he is a video of a mans simple testimony of Christ. it is wonderful!
Jesus is the Christ. I promise you that