Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Spirit in the Home.

A common activity for P-Day
Im going to share with you all an experience that I had yesterday. So yesterday was Preparation day or as most of us Mormon Missionaries call it "P-Day." It is a day every Mormon Missionary looks forward to. If the day is done right then it is an amazing start to your week and you can focus all your efforts toward proselyting. If not done right then it just gets your week started on a bad note and you are not able to focus on what you need to focus on as a missionary.

Well yesterday was not a good P-day for me. Everything we planed to do fell through and nothing turned out the way it was supposed to. Some other things also happened which I wont talk about, that just made me mad. So dinner rolls around and I am just mad. Those of you who know me know I dont get mad to easy. Im a pretty laid back person who can just brush most things aside and then move on, but something that happened that day just got to me and I was mad. However I am still a missionary I have been called to serve. So I tucked my emotions away and went to dinner but deep down I was still upset. Then it all changed.

The Family welcomed us in, we eat dinner, had a very good conversation with them, read some scriptures and then we left. Well, it was just what I needed at this time. I left their house with a smile on my face and I was just ready to go and serve! So thats what I did! When we got in for the night and I was reflecting on the day was when I realized why my anger was turned to joy. You see at first I thought I was just happy because there an awesome family and we had a really good time with them! However, I realized that there was more to it then just that. It was a very simple answer, it was because the spirit of God was in their home. This family works hard to have the spirit in their home and you can just notice it. It was the simple things that kept it there. For example yesterday a Little brother got mad at his sister so the mom told the Sister "Go give your little brother a big hug and say your sorry." So she did, without question and that kept the spirit in their home! Its the simple things that keep gods love in our home. Having the Spirit of Love in our home is one of the most important things we most do. For when there is love at home, the Spirit of god is there also. The spirit is what gives us those feelings of joy, love, and peace. The Spirit gives us the feelings of true happiness that we all want in our lives.

So thank you to the family yesterday who had the spirit in their home and helped start my week on a bright note! May we all do a better job at trying to keep the spirit in the home. For if we do I can promise you it will bring you in closer harmony with the savior.   

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