Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Gospel, According to a Sports Guy: Part 5

The crowd is buzzing, there all yelling at the top of their lungs going crazy! Only problem... it isn't for you. They are all screaming and yelling to try to make you mess up. You are not playing at home. You are on the road. The sign of a good team and a good player is when they are able to win on the road. It is one of the most difficult things to do. It shows that you are able to stay focused under pressure even with all these distractions around you. When you master being able to win on the road you are a pretty good team. How you win on the road is with preparation determination and ultimately staying focused. You got to do your job and win. No other option.  

I am going to relate this to us in this life. We are on the field and the rest of the world is the crowd. There all buzzing cheering and yelling to try to get you to do wrong. They yell and cheer when you mess up and are completely silent when you succeed. We need to block the crowd out. We need to listen to our "coaches" and focus on the task at hand so we can continue on to victory! We stay focused by relying on our preparation. You see there is way more that goes into sports then what people think. In football for example there are countless hours of film watching, preparing plays, and practice just for one game. Its a 24/7 job. Our preparation is as simple as daily prayer and scripture study. When you do these things you are much more prepared for the world we live in and you do not focus on the "crowd" but on the task at hand. Which is to gain eternal life. We truly are playing on the road. Will we crumble under pressure? or come out on top? Its up to us. So lets better prepare and have better focus. That is what I am trying to get across to you.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gospel, According to a Sports Guy: Part 4

The need for a Quarterback. Very needful in the game of football. He is the one who takes the plays the coach gives him and puts them into action. Without a Quarterback your offencive attack is hurting. A good Quarterback is one who takes the plays then gets them done. He stands tall in the pocket then throws it to whos open. A Quarterback is one who leads the team onto victory! However they are many other key people on the field and they have to do their job also. If a wide receiver doesn't go all out who is the Quarterback going to throw to? So football is a team effort with the quarterback at the lead.

Alright so who is the Quarterback in our life's today? I am going to relate the Quarterback to Prophets. Well who is a prophet? Well some examples of a prophet are Moses, Noah and Abraham in the Old Testament. There are many other examples of prophets throughout scripture. What does a prophet do? well in the book of Amos it says: "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7). I think the most important part of that is that it says god will do NOTHING save it be threw his servents the prophets. God needs a prophet on earth to tell us what he needs us to know. Just like how a football team will do NOTHING without a Quarterback... we need a prophet. The prophet is the Quarterback on the earth today. He relays gods messages just like a Quarterback relays messages from the coach. He executes Gods "plays" and makes sure that they happen. The prophet will do all that he can and its up to us to be his "wide receivers." A prophet cant do it all. He needs the support from the rest of us.

So we are the wide receivers. What does this mean? As a wide reciver your job is to get open so the Quarterback can throw you the ball. This means effort, you got to go all out and try your best. the Quarterback will throw the ball up to you but are you going to get under it and catch it? or will you just assume its overthrown or not a good pass and just stop runing. Im going to releate this to councel that the prophet gives us. Are we going to follow it and catch the ball or think its to tough or not important and not even try. Just like how a good receiver try's to catch everything we got to obey the prophets council.

We need a prophet on the earth today just like how you need a Quarterback on the field in a football game. lucky for us we got a prophet! His name is Thomas S. Monson. Why would god not provide us with a prophet when he used to? It would be like just deciding you dont need a Quarterback. It doesn't work like that. we need a prophet and we have a prophet that holds the power of god! we have evidence of this all go to my blog  Why do mormons have the Book of Mormon? to find out about this. Or you can contact and ask me about it!

We have a prophet on the earth today. I know we do.    

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