Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Spirit in the Home.

A common activity for P-Day
Im going to share with you all an experience that I had yesterday. So yesterday was Preparation day or as most of us Mormon Missionaries call it "P-Day." It is a day every Mormon Missionary looks forward to. If the day is done right then it is an amazing start to your week and you can focus all your efforts toward proselyting. If not done right then it just gets your week started on a bad note and you are not able to focus on what you need to focus on as a missionary.

Well yesterday was not a good P-day for me. Everything we planed to do fell through and nothing turned out the way it was supposed to. Some other things also happened which I wont talk about, that just made me mad. So dinner rolls around and I am just mad. Those of you who know me know I dont get mad to easy. Im a pretty laid back person who can just brush most things aside and then move on, but something that happened that day just got to me and I was mad. However I am still a missionary I have been called to serve. So I tucked my emotions away and went to dinner but deep down I was still upset. Then it all changed.

The Family welcomed us in, we eat dinner, had a very good conversation with them, read some scriptures and then we left. Well, it was just what I needed at this time. I left their house with a smile on my face and I was just ready to go and serve! So thats what I did! When we got in for the night and I was reflecting on the day was when I realized why my anger was turned to joy. You see at first I thought I was just happy because there an awesome family and we had a really good time with them! However, I realized that there was more to it then just that. It was a very simple answer, it was because the spirit of God was in their home. This family works hard to have the spirit in their home and you can just notice it. It was the simple things that kept it there. For example yesterday a Little brother got mad at his sister so the mom told the Sister "Go give your little brother a big hug and say your sorry." So she did, without question and that kept the spirit in their home! Its the simple things that keep gods love in our home. Having the Spirit of Love in our home is one of the most important things we most do. For when there is love at home, the Spirit of god is there also. The spirit is what gives us those feelings of joy, love, and peace. The Spirit gives us the feelings of true happiness that we all want in our lives.

So thank you to the family yesterday who had the spirit in their home and helped start my week on a bright note! May we all do a better job at trying to keep the spirit in the home. For if we do I can promise you it will bring you in closer harmony with the savior.   

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My One year mark!

Today is June 16th 2011. Which means that I have officially been out on my mission One year!!!! Yay I have "reached the hump" and its all down hill from here.. I think.. Well since its my year mark I Think ill talk a little bit about what iIhave been up to the last 365 days.

Lets go back to The last June 16th. The day my 2 years officially started. I woke up that mourning at my grandparents apartment in salt lake. (I had flown from Phoenix the day before so I wouldn't have to get up super early that Wednesday to get on a plane.) Anyways.. I remember thinking WOW I am really doing this. This is going to happen. I was also mostly thinking about all the sports games I was going to miss out on (I have somewhat got over that.)

Well anyways I arrived at the MTC some time early that afternoon. The MTC is a lot different then it used to be they used to have all the missionaries come with their families into the same room where they would show some video and it was just a big huge cry fest of parents leaving their kids and kids leaving loved ones. Its kind of like taking a band-aid off really really slow. Now they drop you off at the curb you have time for one last hug then Boom another missionary takes you away. Everyone I talk to say its a lot better this way.

The MTC District
Anyways back to my story.. so my parents drop me off at the curb another missionary takes me, and Boom I am gone. He takes me where I got to go, shows me around a little bit, and then sticks me in my classroom. I got real sick of that classroom.. I was in that room for like 8 hours a day for the next 3 weeks. So we sat there and waited for a bit. Then things started getting rolling. I Found out Who my MTC companion would be. I got put with Elder Matt Lee. A tall red headed kid from Washington. He was awesome! So for the next 3 weeks i was at the MTC where they attempt to teach you how to be a missionary. I loved the MTC experience and would love to go back. I made so many good friends there and have so many good memories from the MTC!

My First District.
So the MTC was over now it was time to be a "real missionary" I Flew to Billings Montana where our mission president was waiting to meet us! So President Gardner picked us up and took us back to the mission home where we took care of paper work and stuff and he told as about marvelous Montana and wonderful Wyoming! Latter on that day we found out who are trainer would be and where our first area would be! I was Put with Elder Ben Thomas and My First area was 2 towns of about 2500 a piece called Anaconda and Deer lodge.

I Loved my First Area that is where I really learned how to be a missionary. Elder Thomas and I ended up spending 4 and a half months together. I will never forgot the experinces I had there and the people I meet there. They welcomed me with open arms which is important as a brand new missionary to feel welcome in his first area.

Elder Weight and I
After that I had the privilege to take over the area where I received Elder Weight. We where only companions for 6 weeks but I loved it! He was a very quiet guy but once we warmed up to each other he was so funny! we got along great and did a lot of good work together. Then transfers came and this is where I get the call that I am leaving. The call came the week before Christmas. Our mission President calls us to let us know whats happening. I answer the phone and this is where I hear the Famous line from President Gardner "Elder Elmer I have a challenge for you." he goes on to tell me that I am getting doubled into Colstrip Montana with Elder Sherwood. (doubled In means that we where both brand new to the area. never been there before..)

Colstrip Power Plant
So we get put into Colstrip knowing nothing about the area 3 days before Christmas. This was an adventure in its self. We Get put in there and there is no work at all going there. We started from scratch. We had nothing to do except knock doors. Not only that after about 4 weeks we didn't have a place to live anymore. The member we where with couldn't house us anymore so ya.. we where somewhat homeless.. living out of our car and jumping from house to house staying 2 nights here and there so ya that was an adventure. Needles to say I am glad I had Elder Sherwood as a companion to keep me laughing or else man.. that would have been hard. Anywho, so now its late January and I get the Call to tell me that I am getting transferred to Bozeman Montana!

Elder Cabrera and I
So I get to Bozeman and i get put With Elder Copenheaver. I had only 6 weeks to learn the area because he was going home and Bozeman is a lot to learn in 6 weeks. So I learned the area and he went home. That is when I received Elder Mull as a companion. He was a good guy who worked hard and thats just what I needed at that point. We did a lot of hard work and really helped to turn Bozeman around. So after that 6 weeks was when I got the call.. Now i thought for sure that I was leaving! But.. I got the call to let me know that I was Training! Now it was my turn to train a missionary! and I was so excited! (I still am excited about it.) My trainee's name Is Elder Cabrera. He Is from Guatemala! we have Fun Together! We are on our Second transfer working together and we a are really doing a lot of good work!

If you would have told me 5 years ago that one year into my mission I would be serving in a town called Bozeman, Montana. I probably would have laughed at you. However I absolutely love it and I would not want to be anywhere else.

Just look at me now..
I have had a lot of way fun cool and exciting experiences over the last year.. However though I think the most important thing is that I truly have a testimony of this work. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of god and that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth! I truly know that. That is why I have given up the last year of my life and will give up the next year of my life! To tell people what I know to be true. 

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Gospel, According to a Sports Guy: Part 7

This video is about a former football player named Rob Morris. Now Since I have a love for sports I have known about this guy for awhile. He was a first round draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the year 2000 (I dont like the Colts but we wont hold that against him!). His best overall year was probably in 2001 when he recorded 114 tackles. He won the Superbowl with the Colts in 2006 where he started at middle linebacker for them. After the 2007 season he decided to retire. He Suffered a knee injury during the season which took a part in his decision to call it Quits. As you can see from the video his family took part in the decision as well.

What I really like about this is how he was able to balance Football and his family. He knows that family is the most important thing. He knows that its all about gods plan. Rob and his wife had the biggest trial of their life during the year the Colts won the Superbowl when their children died during pregnancy. That would be hard, so hard. I couldn't even imagine how hard that would be. I do know this though. With the Gospel Of Jesus Christ it can make these kinds of trials less painful. They Know that they can be with their children again and I am sure that brings a peace to their life that is unimaginable to most. With the Gospel of Jesus Christ We can be with loved ones Again.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here are some testimony's of some kids back in my home town. It doesn't matter how old you are the spirit of god can still touch you in your life. Testimony is a very powerful tool. A testimony is what you know to be true. Testimony can touch the lives of others. As a Missionary the most powerful tool I have is a testimony. So look at what these kids have to say!

I know I am a child of God.  Age 4

The temple is a house of God.  Age 5

I know my family can be together forever because of the temple.  Age 5

I believe in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  I believe that the church is true and that Joseph Smith restored the church and that he is a true prophet.  Age 8

I know that the church of Jesus is true .  I know that he was crucified so all of us could repent.  Age9

My testimony is a song.  I am a child of God, and he has sent me here.  Has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear.  Lead me, guide me, walk beside me.  Help me find the way.  Teach me all that I must do, to live with him some day.  Age 5

I am a child of God.  Age3

The temple is a house of God.  I love to look at it.  It makes me happy.  Age 8

Jesus is real because he really, really loves me.  Jesus is part of our family .  He is my brother.  Jesus is the son of God and he died for me.  Age 4

I know the church is true.  I know Jesus Christ live and loves me.  I know we have a prophet because he talks to me at conference.  I know the temple is the house of God and if I am good I can go inside someday.  Age 6

Here is a brief version of my testimony: Simply I know that Christ lives and because he lives we can conquer death. I know that after years of being lost Christ restored his true church back to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that along with the Bible The Book of Mormon both testify of Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Christ is the only way back to our Father in Heaven. I Know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true Church on this earth.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Death Doesn't Separate us!

The family is the most important social unit in time and all eternity. The Family is ordained of God. I am so thankful for the family that I have and for the knowledge that I can be with them forever! This is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us. It teaches us that death does not put an end to our family relationships.

We see how important marriage is ever since the time of Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:24). You see God has intend for our families to go far beyond death! Parents can be with their children forever and children can be with parents forever! This is what Christ teaches us! God wants our Families to be together Forever! This can be achieved though the blessings of the temple! When Christ was on the Earth he gave the power to bind families to the apostle Peter (Matthew 16:19) Then later after centuries of being lost this power was restored to The Prophet Joseph Smith (D&C 132:46). Forever Families is not a "new" concept this is the way God has always wanted it to be.

I know that through the blessings of the temple my family can be together forever. Death will not separate us. You can have these same blessings in your life! All you have to do is listen to a Mormon missionary near you!

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