Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Gospel, According to a Sports Guy: Part 7

This video is about a former football player named Rob Morris. Now Since I have a love for sports I have known about this guy for awhile. He was a first round draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the year 2000 (I dont like the Colts but we wont hold that against him!). His best overall year was probably in 2001 when he recorded 114 tackles. He won the Superbowl with the Colts in 2006 where he started at middle linebacker for them. After the 2007 season he decided to retire. He Suffered a knee injury during the season which took a part in his decision to call it Quits. As you can see from the video his family took part in the decision as well.

What I really like about this is how he was able to balance Football and his family. He knows that family is the most important thing. He knows that its all about gods plan. Rob and his wife had the biggest trial of their life during the year the Colts won the Superbowl when their children died during pregnancy. That would be hard, so hard. I couldn't even imagine how hard that would be. I do know this though. With the Gospel Of Jesus Christ it can make these kinds of trials less painful. They Know that they can be with their children again and I am sure that brings a peace to their life that is unimaginable to most. With the Gospel of Jesus Christ We can be with loved ones Again.

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