Saturday, May 7, 2011

To all those Mothers!

There are a lot of different things happening to me tomorrow. First off is that i will be 20 years old! That alone is a very unique milestone I officially will not have the title of "teen" anymore (exciting). Next is that it is mothers day. This day is very important in the life of a missionary because not only is it a day to honor your mother and all that she did for you but, it is one of two days that we get to call home during the year. The other being Christmas. Trust me when you only get to talk to your parents twice a year over the phone you realize how important they are to you in your life.

Well onto what I really wanted to talk about, and that is Mothers. How important they are to us in our life and how important mine has been for me! So this blog is to all those mothers out there. First off is that I love you. I truly do. I not only love my mom but I love all those woman who have the title of mom. The role of mom is highly underestimated in the world we live in today. They keep the home together. They make sure its a place of refuge and a place of peace.

This last part i would like to thank my mom personaly for all that she did for me:
Thank you mom for raising 3 boys with 3 completely different personalities and interests. 
Thank you mom for putting up with me for the last 20 years.
Thank you mom for being the mother that you are.
Thank you mom for all the kindness and understanding that you showed for me.
Thank you mom for supporting me on my mission.
Thank you mom for your sweet smile.
Thank you mom for being there to comfort me when I was down.
Thank you mom for laughing with me.
Thank you mom for your testimony.
Thank you mom for being you. I wouldn't want you any other way :)

The list goes on mom but ill end there! I love you mom! Happy mothers day!

-Elder Max Elmer

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